The Club

Vasa Skyttegille – Vaasan Ampujat r.f. (VS-VA)

Finnish speaking shooting club “Vaasan Ampujat r.y.” was founded at 1928, a year later Swedish speaking club “Vasa Skyttegille r.f.” was founded. At year 1988 Vasa Skyttegille r.f. and Vaasan Ampujat r.y. were merged to bilingual shooting sports club named “Vasa Skyttegille – Vaasan Ampujat r.f.”, abbreviated as “VS-VA”. These years can be found from the logo of the club.

Currently the club has about 270 members.

VS-VA is member club in the top shooting sports organization in Finland “Finnish Shooting Sports Federation” (SAL), and in Finland’s Swedish speaking shooting sports organization “Svenska Finlands Skytteförbund r.f.” (SFS). Finnish Shooting Sports Federation is member in international shooting sports organizations, which are for traditional shooting sport disciplines International Shooting Sport Federation, (ISSF), and  for Practical shooting  International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Due to membership in these national and international organizations latest rules of the international top organization of each shootin discipline as well as anti-doping regulations are in force in all competitions and practices organized by VS-VA.

VS-VA is bilingual (Swedish/Finnish) club which uses Swedish as office language. Rules of the club are available both in Swedish and in Finnish. Swedish rules are the official ones and Finnish rules are translation of them. In case of disputes, Swedish rules will apply.

The club in run solely on voluntary basis. Each member who act as officer in practices, competitions or as member of the board of the club does so in addition on his/her day job and own shooting sport hobby. Members who are interested into volunteer in activities of the club are welcomed to contact with any member of the board to ask how they could act as officers of the club.